Pre-conference workshops will be held on Thursday, September 19 in Wells Hall at Michigan State University.

Please Note: Pre-conference workshops are available only for those individuals who have registered for the workshop(s).  Registration is now closed.  Walk-ins will not be accepted.


Pre-Conference Workshop Schedule

Workshop 1:  Eye-tracking workshop
Description:  In this day-long workshop, Dr. Godfroid and Dr. Winke will lead participants through tours of the MSU eye-tracking labs, conduct mini-demonstrations, and lead small group discussions surrounding related empirical research. Time will also be devoted to brainstorming/exploring participants’ research ideas. Lunch will be provided.
Facilitators:  Aline Godfroid & Paula Winke
Time:  9:00am-4:00pm
Location:  Wells Hall, B-342

Workshop 2:  Transforming your presentation into a journal article
Description: This workshop is intended for novice researchers who have a conference presentation that they would like to publish as a paper.  Dr. Loewen and Dr. Polio will start with a presentation about framing a study and choosing a journal as well as some of the challenges of navigating between the two genres. The facilitators and participants will then divide into groups where participants can share abstracts or slides from recent talks and strategize about publication.
Facilitators:  Shawn Loewen & Charlene Polio
Time:  1:00-3:00pm
Location:  Wells Hall, Room B-243

Workshop 3:  Beyond significance: Effect sizes, confidence intervals, and estimation thinking for L2 research
Description:  This workshop will provide a crash course for L2 researchers interested in moving beyond null hypothesis significance testing and p values to embrace the “new statistics” (Cumming & Calin-Jageman, 2016). Taking both a conceptual and hands-on approach, the workshop will focus in particular on calculating and interpreting (a) effect sizes and (b) confidence intervals, critical tools for understanding the effects/relationships in research.
Facilitator:  Luke Plonsky
Time:  1:00-3:00pm
Location:  Wells Hall, Room B-342

—————– coffee break (Wells Hall, Atrium) —————–

Workshop 4:  Using learner corpora to study SLA
Description:  In this workshop, Dr. Kyle will lead participants through an interactive, introductory session surrounding how corpora can be used to study lexical and syntactic development.  Participants will need their laptops in order to participate.
Facilitator:  Kristopher Kyle
Time:  3:30-5:30pm
Location:  Wells Hall, Room B-342

Workshop 5:  Using MAXQDA software for qualitative coding/analysis
Description:  In this workshop, the facilitators will lead participants through an interactive session involving how to use the software MAXQDA for qualitative data analysis, including how to: import data, assign/retrieve codes, manage different data sources, and export codes for further analysis.
Facilitators:  Peter De Costa, Wendy Li, Jongbong Lee, & Myeongeun Son
Time:  3:30-5:30pm
Location:  Wells Hall, Room B-243